A strategy for getting rid of all that excess stuff this spring

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Illustration of a Woman thinking some ways to Declutter an Office SpaceAhhh, spring. A time of venturing outside, planting a garden and home organization. It’s a great time to sort through your home and get rid of excess stuff that’s been accumulating for years!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • First, take a pad of paper and go to each room in the house. Write down the things that aren’t conducive to an organized lifestyle.
  • Now, set a goal. Maybe it’s the spare bedroom full of junk that could be a playroom. Define the space to give it a purpose. Make an appointment with yourself to get the work done. Break it into manageable bits.
  • Make decisions by keeping only the minimum needed to function in the reclaimed space. Divide stuff into “keep,” “trash,” “charity,” “consignment,” and “memorabilia.”
  • Consider if each item serves a function. If it has no purpose, think about getting rid of it. If you’re not sure, keep it in a box for a month and see if you feel the same.
  • Lastly, think about what you’re bringing into your home throughout the year. Recreational shopping trips, garage sales, visits to antique shops — your shopping options are endless, but they can all contribute to the clutter.
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